Allied USMC Starter Set


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The Marines have landed in the Middle East! With the mission of protecting a region crucial for the Allied war effort, the USMC now fights the Axis and the SSU in this part of the world.

We are certain that it will appeal to new players and veterans alike. Whether you are new to the world of Dust or have been hanging out with us for some time now, you will love the Marines Starter Set: Taskforce Diver.

Contents of the box:
– one hero: Tom “Diver” Derrick
– one squad of five Marines, the Firestarters
– one Bushmaster light antitank walker
– one booklet with the introduction rules to Dust Tactics
– twelve Dust dice
– one tank trap
– one ammo crate
– one gaming mat
– six terrain tiles
– one catalog
– 3 unit cards
– and one introduction leaflet


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