By Fire and Sword 15mm Plastic Horse Pack D

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Set contains 12 plastic horses (type D). They can be used by following units:

  • Wallachians
  • Polish Tatars
  • Mounted Cossacks (mix)
  • Field dragoons(mix)
  • Servant cossacks (mix)
  • Gonullu (2/3)
  • Besli (2/3)
  • Tartar Warriors
  • Kazinji
  • Croat cavalry (mix)
  • Chimney cavalry
  • Light szekely cavalry
  • Enlisted/household light cavalry
  • Kurtany cavalry
  • Mounted Szekelys (2/3)
  • Mounted haiduks (2/3)

You may use them to add more diversity in the following units too (1/3)

  • Cossack style cavalry
  • Volunteers/Levy of the Nobility


Bold means it should be the only one horse type used by this unit. Obviously during the long campaigns units had to replace wounded/robbed/dead horses so we allow some small exceptions. Please remember that one base in our game represents about 50 soldiers in reality, so we recommend using no more than one horse of different type per 5-6 base strong unit.

(Mix) means you may freely mix those horses with other types appropriate for this unit

2/3 means that at least 2/3 horses in unit should be this type

1/3 means you may include maximum one horse of this type on each base in unit.


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