Cossack High Command


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ossacks High Command

Cossack commanders were mostly Registered Cossacks, the most experienced and elite soldiers of the army. Hetman was the general commander of a Cossack army. The “commanding hetman” led smaller divisions of the army. Cossack pulk (regiment) was commanded by a colonel assisted by a small staff (camp master, clerk) with the help of their assisted by yesauls. Various petty warlords led bands of Cossack rabble marauding in Ukraine throughout the rebellion.

Set include 11 mounted models, 18 foot models, set of banners and metal bases. Set include models sufficient to field:

1 base of Cossacks Hetman
1 base of Cossacks high commander
1 base of Cossack Colonel with mounted Staff
2 bases of Cossacks colonels with foot staff
2 bases of Cossacks esawuls with foot staff
2 bases of Orthodox monks

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted.


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