Italian Bersaglieri Rifle Platoon

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Contains one formation HQ team, one unit leader team, four Breda MG & Carcano rifle teams, four medium plastic bases, two small plastic bases and four Unit cards

The rifle companies sent to Tunisia retained the standard organisation of three platoons armed with bolt-action Carcano rifles and Breda M30 light machine-guns. This suited the mountainous terrain where tanks were less of a threat, and the light-weight Italian support weapons came into their own.


Bersaglieri Rilfe Platoon (IT763)Commanders and Unit Leaders

Base Company HQ teams and Platoon Unit Leaders on a small base with an NCO and rifleman. The team faces the long edge.


Breda MG & Carcano rifle team

Breda MG & Carcano rifle teams have four figures on a medium base facing the long edge. Breda MG & Carcano rifle teams from a Rifle Platoon have a machine-gunner on every second base. The remaining figures are NCOs or riflemen.

Bersaglieri Rilfe Platoon (IT763)

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Bersaglieri Rilfe Platoon (IT763)
Plastic Bases
Bersaglieri Rilfe Platoon (IT763)
Unit Cards
Avanti Force (x1)Movement Orders (x1)
Bersaglieri Rilfe Platoon (IT763)Bersaglieri Rilfe Platoon (IT763)
Rifle Company HQ (x1)Rifle Platoon (x1)
Bersaglieri Rilfe Platoon (IT763)Bersaglieri Rilfe Platoon (IT763)


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