Lithuanian Skirmish Force


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Lithuanian Skirmish Set

The Lithuanian Skirmish Force is a great start for everyone who wants to begin playing “By Fire and Sword”. The set allows games to be played at the Skirmish Level. The box includes a Colonel; two banners of petyhorcy: one with lances and the other with spears; a dragoon company and a Tatar cavalry

Petyhorcy can be deployed with lances or spears, are a perfect strike unit, able to punch through the enemy lines with a staggering charge even if outnumbered.

Dragoons – mounted infantry – thanks to their horses they are able to keep pace with the rest of the Lithuanian skirmish force and dismount at an opportune moment in order to support the petyhorcy with musket salvos.

Tatar cavalry – light and maneuverable bow-armed cavalry that are perfect for harassing the enemy with arrows and for reconnaissance.

The set includes:

Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth Colonel:
1x colonel figure
1x standard bearer figure
1x musician figure

Petyhorcy with lances:
1x commander figure
1x standard bearer figure
7x petyhorcy figures

Petyhorcy with spears:
1x commander figure
1x standard bearer figure
7x petyhorcy figures

Tatar cavalry:
1x commander figure
1x standard bearer figure
7x Tatar figures

6 x mounted dragoon figures
6 x dismounted dragoon figures

21x Polish horse figures
15x light horse figures

Set of bases
Set of standards
Set of lances


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