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The Neue Deutsches Afrikakorps (NDAK) has arrived in the Middle East! Along with the rest of Operation Babylon’s forces, the Korps is now fighting the Allies and the SSU in this part of the World.

We’re certain that it will appeal to new players and veterans alike. Whether you’re new to the World of Dust or have been hanging out with us for some time now, you’ll love the NDAK Starter Set: Kampfgruppe Christoph.

Content of the box:
– one hero: Christoph Schultz
– one squad of five soldiers, the Tomb Cleaners
– one Hermann (Trop) walker with pilot
– one rule booklet with the introductions rules to Dust Tactics
– twelve Axis Dust dice
– one tank trap
– one ammo crate
– one gaming mat
– six terrain tile
– one catalog
– 3 unit cards
– and one leaflet


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