Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth Command Set


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Polish Commonwealth High Command

In theory, the King was the chief commander of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth forces. In practice the army was led by a hetman or ‘regimentarz’ (officer taking charge in the absence of hetman). There were two hetmans in Poland (Grand Hetman and Field Hetman) and two more in Lithuania (also Grand and Field). The Field Hetman was lower in rank than Grand Hetman. ‘Pulk’ of national cavalry was commanded by a colonel, a foreign regiment (like infantry or dragoons) was commanded by oberszter (colonel in German)

Box contains:
2 hetman/regimentarz figures
5 colonel/oberszter figures
16 musicians and standard bearers
17 horses
3 sets of standards
2 4x4cm metal bases
5 4x3cm metal bases

Set include models sufficient to field:

2 hetman/regimentarz bases
5 bases of colonels

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted.


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