Polish Wallachian Style Cavalry


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Polish Wallachian style cavalry

Light cavalry of the national contingent recruited from among, Moldavians, Wallachians and Ukrainians, mostly of plebeian origin.
The formation was initially small in numbers and increased its presence only after the defeat at Batoh. Banners (squadrons) usually numbered less than 100 horses.
The Wallachians were equipped with sabers, and bows were used as often as long firearms
(musketoons, handguns). In general the Wallachians did not use any armor, with some exceptions among the officers. Wallachian cavalry, similarly to the Tatars, was more suited to skirmishing, reconnaissance and screening role than to pitched battles.

Set include 18 mounted models:

2 x leaders
2 x standardbearers
14 x troops
18 x horses
Set of banners
6 x metal stands 3cm x 4 cm

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted.


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