SSU/PLA Type 47 KV2D Heavy Tesla Walker

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The Peoples Liberation Army (PLA) fights a relentless war against Imperial Japan in China and South-East Asia. But as part of the grand SSU Bloc, its forces can be found all over the World wherever the Revolution is being fought. The Type 47 is a new walker that has been recently issued to the SSU Army, starting with the PLA. For years its armored regiments received second hand vehicles but this has changed recently. Thanks to its two massive Tesla guns, the Type 47 is a threat to even the heaviest vehicles on the planet.

This miniature comes with its own Dust 1947 unit card. Like all regular Dust 1947 miniatures, it comes already assembled and primed. It’s ready for the battlefield, or for painting, as you wish! You can directly paint over on it, since the priming serves as an undercoat and is compatible with any type of paint. Please remember that all orders over 250$ enjoy free shipping.


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